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shoom for the commute. >>> google employees may have been exposed to toxic fumes for months according to a new report. the buildings involved are leased by google and sit directly on top of the super fund site known as the mew plume. our investigation unit found the plumes found in the homes. this latest report details how, from mid november through mid january high levels of tce were found in the air inside of google buildings. all because workers disabled the complex ventilation system. >> prior to november, when the tce readings were elevated, the system was put on manual. >> tce is a cleaning solvent that's commonly used by the military. it's now been linked to cancer in people. >>> this is not good news for in of us. doctors say this could be one of the most painful allergy subpoena s -- seasons in years. to minimize symptoms, stay indoors in the morning and late afternoon if you can. and if you have to go out, you should wash your hair and change your clothes when you come back inside. or just wear a bubble. >> i think you and jeff both need to wear a bubble, because you're the
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1